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We have been working very efficiently with loan and grant funding for 25 years.

At Grantdock, we pride ourselves on being a leading, innovative grant writing firm dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services designed to facilitate your attainment of vital funding. Our esteemed team, comprising seasoned grant writers and consultants, boasts a wealth of experience and an intricate understanding of the grant application process. We are committed to collaborating with you to develop a superlative grant proposal tailored to meet the specific stipulations of your targeted funding sources. With a focus on personalized attention and bespoke solutions, Grantdock stands poised to empower you in securing the crucial funding necessary for your success. We care about our clients success and we take pride in helping you secure funding to pursue your mission.

  • 28+ Years of experience as a grant writer & reviewer
  • 20 Years experience running a successful eCommerce business
  • 11 Years presiding as board president of a private grant-making organization
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Markus Twain


We found Beljus easy to work with. He gathered and quickly absorbed the literature describing our operations and timely wrote the website and grant narratives. He was very efficient and his fees were extremely reasonable.


Jessica Molony


Beljus wrote a great economic feasibility study that was integral to our receiving a $200,000 federal farm grant. He is highly competent and professional, and was a pleasure to work with.

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