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Every organization, whether a for-profit business or a non-pofit community-based group, should have a communication strategy. A strategy can be very simple, and on the most basic level this simply means presenting a single clear, concise and compelling message to your stakeholders about what you do (programs/ services) and who you are (mission/ vision). Your communication strategy should manifest itself in your grant proposals, brochures, case statements, email communication and most importantly — your website.

Today, a company’s website is its business card. You must expect that anyone who is interested in vetting you or your work will start by navigating to your site. If you submit a grant proposal for “X,” and the funder goes to your website and all it talks about is “Y,” this will raise questions which will probably undermine your chances of winning that grant. Why? Your mission should not change whimsically — everything that you do, and therefore everything you write about, should be linkable back to your mission. Your website does not need to be, and should not be, a manifesto. Visitors to your site want a synopsis of what your organization is all about; don’t overwhelm. Keep it simple, aesthetic, organized, intuitive and informative.

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