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Maureen Womack,

CEO, Alvarado Parkway Institute

Every once in awhile you have the pleasure of meeting someone who excels at what they do. I had that opportunity when Alvarado Parkway Institute (API) engaged Beljus as a grant writer. Beljus was exceptionally quick at translating the complex world of behavioral health and academic medicine into a professional, easily understood grant application. His ability to weave timelines and milestones to budget into a comprehensive Gantt chart was the best I have seen. Beljus has an uncanny ability to develop both outcomes and a return on investment. Beljus was easy to communicate with, has a delightful wit and never missed a deadline. API was awarded $2.5 million dollars in grant funding as a result of Beljus effort.

Jerod M. Morey,

Executive Director, About Our Kids, Inc.

Working with Beljus has proven to be a positive, easy, beneficial process. He is professional and efficient, and, in our first year of working together, he assisted in securing $1.3 million in federal project funds for our 501c(3) youth development nonprofit. Beljus is knowledgeable, fair and pleasant and we look forward to working on more projects in the future.

Dr. Sarah Messiah

Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health

I really appreciate Beljus approach to grant writing. He is with the PI throughout the entire process from development to submission, which is critical. He takes the time to really learn about the science that is being proposed and then helps with the technical parts - the writing, organization, etc. to make the proposal make sense from the first page to the last. This is very different than an editor. We just scored in the 6th percentile on our first NIH R21 grant together, so if that isn’t proof he is excellent at his craft, I don’t know what is!

Dr. Paula Busse,

Associate Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Beljus was amazing and helped me organize writing my first U01 grant, $3m+ which we won!]. I would highly recommend working with Beljus, he is fantastic!

Professor Beste Yuksel

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of San Francisco

Beljus helped us tremendously in getting started with our proposal. He had a nuanced sense of what each organization was looking for in their specific SBIR and therefore offered us a variety of ways to tailor our proposal. He also counseled us as to how to get the best advice from Program Officers. For an academic with no experience in a start-up, I cannot overstate enough how helpful he was. We are still in the early stages of our proposal but I am very relieved that we are in great hands.

Leonard Ramirez,

Veterans Accession House

Last year I became aware that the Department of Veterans Affairs released a notice of funding for their Grant Per Diem program, which was just the help we needed to sustain and grow our organization. However, the level of technical expertise needed to navigate the requirements, develop program services and write the grant, caused me to hesitate. Luckily, I found Beljus and he explained the process and requirements, setting me at ease. He walked me through the entire process, patiently counseling and offering suggestions on how best to express our program. This month, we received notice that organization has been selected for the Grant Per Diem award, at 100% of the funds applied for. Throughout this competitive process we were recognized for the quality of the proposal submitted - We owe many thanks to Beljus for his help!

Toya Dumas-Robinson,

Metropolitan Oasis CDC

Beljus is the most knowledgeable, skilled and competent proposal writer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His strategic approach, innovation, highly evolved intellect, humor, great character and experience are the best qualities the industry has to offer. After losing our State contract, which had been renewed each contracting period for over 24 years, Beljus wrote the most compelling and well crafted proposal that landed us a State Contract to provide Family Preservation Services to our community. Not only did he help save our business, but he assisted in creating jobs and providing much needed services in our communities in Lake County, Indiana. We owe a debt of gratitude to Beljus - THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH

Rochelle Dukes,

Calvary Baptist

Thank you Beljus for all your help. I would recommend you to anyone. You are a very personable person... we came to you during the eleventh hour and you were able to get the job done with the end result in our organization obtaining the grant ($100,000). You never know what you are going to get when you simply use Google. We took a chance and we cannot be anymore satisfied in the professionalism you offered from day one.

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